Home Pregnancy Test Video

This video recording shows how to execute a being pregnant test your own house with the aid of HCG Package, this kit comes in India at a cost of Rs 50, you can purchase it from any medical store. Now Bear in mind you need to have early morning test (First Urine In Day). Open up the Kit, You will notice a dropper, take urine in dropper, put 3 drops of urine in a circular well, do not put anything on rectangular stop where you see “C T” is written. C means control and T means Test. You can read this test with in five minutes. In the event that you see two red lines one at C and another at T which means you are pregnant, i.e final result is positive. In the event that you see only 1 pink lines at C which means test is negative. If you don’t see any brand, this means test is invalid. Either package has expired, or proper urine test is not considered.